About 3D printing

More and more companies are discovering the many advantage of 3D printing and are now utilising them as a part of a profitable business. However, certain myths still persist related to 3D printing, so we shall address them here.

Banishing the myths of 3D printing

13D printing is only for creating prototypes

Making prototypes is only one of the areas that 3D printing is suited to. 3D printing allows for the cost-effective creation of many other things, such as spare parts, small series, and examples for marketing and training purposes.

23D printing is expensive

3D printing is in many cases a more economical solution than mould casting. The manufacturing method should be selected based on which method is more economical: printing or moulding. This is affected by the number of required pieces and their size, among other things.

3Only small series are made with 3D printing.

3D printing enables cost-effective production for a range of batch sizes. The smaller the workpieces are, the more economical it often is to make them with 3D printing. This means that storage costs are also avoided.

43D printed items are fragile.

Current 3D printouts are not fragile – in fact they are very durable. The workpieces are mechanically very strong. With certification, the strength values have also been tested and documented.

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What is 3D printing all about?

With 3D printing, a virtual model can be printed as a physical object. 3D printing provides virtually limitless opportunities for manufacturing parts and workpieces for the needs of industry and enterprises.

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What benefits does 3D printing provide?

3D printing provides countless ways for enterprises to enhance the effectiveness of their business activities and make their processes faster and smoother.

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Which is more productive: machining or 3D printing?

3D printing is a cost-effective and easy way to manufacture parts. However, one should determine which manufacturing method, as a whole, is the most reasonable and economical.

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Pricing 3D-printed items

Prices of 3D printouts are always determined on a case-by-case basis, depending on the piece to be manufactured and the number of copies to be made.

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The material for the 3D printout is selected according to the application. Several high-quality polyamide-based alternatives are available. Our 3D printing materials are certified, high-quality and extremely durable.

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Our Equipment

High-quality industrial-level equipment makes 3D printing a reliable and accurate process.

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